The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control

Versatile Gas Turbine Control

Cost-Effective Control and Protection for Your Gas Turbine

Continuous Control Solutions' gas turbine controller (GTC) provides a versatile and
cost-effective way to control your industrial or aero-derivative gas turbine. 

In addition to regulating speed or power, it also protects against excessive temperatures, speeds, or pressures, and sequences the fuel flow during start-ups and shutdowns. 

Our GTC is offered for single and/or multi-shaft turbines driving variable-speed loads or synchronous generators. Their redundant inputs, contingency strategies, and redundancy capabilities characterize an innovative and more cost-effective approach to fault tolerance than what was previously available for such machines.

Upgrading many gas turbines’ control systems often comprises of upgrading the fuel system's valves, pumps, and related equipment. Sometimes, fuel systems are also added in fuel conversion projects to add dual-fuel capability on a turbine previously operating on a single fuel. 

Our GTC and its fuel system are available for new and retrofit applications and can be configured to control your gas turbine in accordance with turbine manufacturer provisions. We provide you with complete fuel system design compatible with the control system and turnkey installation. 

Our focus is on the process, engineering, and software aspects. Call us at 515-278-9655 to learn more about our control solutions. 
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