The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control

Global Leader in Advanced
Automation and Control Solutions

Control Solutions Tailored for Your Distinct Needs

Continuous Control Solutions provides the next-generation control technology for industrial turbo machinery control applications from oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, and power generation industries worldwide. Our range of systems is flexible, transparent, and robust to provide you with true continuous control engineering solutions tailored individually for each project. 
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Applications Designed for Your Complete Control

We design applications to give you complete control over your drivers and driven units, backed by experience, research, information technology, mathematics, and statistics. We also use leading third-party hardware and software products, combined with our patented algorithms, to build controls to your specifications ensuring compatibility with your current control system. 
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Superior Services Engineered for Efficiency

Our highly skilled pool of experienced engineers has the capability to develop and install new control solutions and retrofit existing ones to meet your specific needs. You can rely on our dedicated team to provide you with
round-the-clock support to help keep your systems running safely and efficiently. We are an ISO 9001:2008-registered company.
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