The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control

Patented Surge Protection

Avoid Costly Surge Damage for Your Compressor

Protect your centrifugal or axial compressor from experiencing costly and damaging surges with Continuous Control Solutions' specially designed and patented surge prevention controller.

We have incorporated a method to accurately define the safety line in our surge prevention controllers under variable conditions, so you will be able to set the control safety line for optimum surge protection without unnecessary recycling or blow-off.

Our patented product provides two independent control loops - dP and Rc. During normal operations, the CCS system offers a high-select mode and control, based on the most efficient variable. If at any point in the process either measurement becomes unavailable, the CCS system provides true continuous control by automatically controlling based on the available control loop. 

Our surge prevention controller provides fully integrated multi-loop and multi-stage surge prevention solutions for your systems on any IEC61131-compliant hardware platform.

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ISO Certified
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