The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control

Fully Automated Steam Turbine Control

Cost-Effective Approach to Fault Tolerance

Continuous Control Solutions' steam turbine speed controller is a cost-effective way to regulate your process drive’s speed and power and can be coupled with your new or existing industrial steam turbine. 

It gives you fully automated speed control during normal and critical operating conditions and features critical speed avoidance to protect your equipment from damage.

We also provide upgrades for your turbine speed control that still uses either mechanical and early electronic control systems to make it compatible with a variety of control platforms.

Our custom-engineered control system retrofit package delivers a full complement of digital controls needed to modernize a turbine governor. It is fully configurable to any industrial steam turbine and is typically integrated to the train control system. 

It is also applicable to both variable speed loads and synchronous generators. Its redundant inputs, fault detection, and fallback strategies define a new and more
cost-effective approach to fault tolerance for such machines.

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