The Next Generation of Turbo Machinery Control

Superior Station Control

Optimum Control, Minimal Intervention

Take advantage of minimal operator intervention while effectively controlling the performance of your turbo compressor during start-up conditions, as well as during normal or abnormal operations, with Continuous Control Solutions' station control application.

Our exclusively designed and developed station controller performs load sharing or load balancing of multiple compressor trains. It also controls single-train performance and provides control for an optional cold recycle valve arrangement to protect your turbo compressors with minimal intervention. 

Using multiple PID algorithms, our station controller is capable of controlling a station’s primary control parameter and/or individual train control parameter, while providing a fully integrated and multi-loop compressor load balancing or performance control on a hardware-independent platform.

You have the option to predefine target controls for units working in parallel and/or in series operation modes to optimize compressor efficiency and speed or minimize station-fuel gas consumption. 

With our station controller, you can count on bumpless transfers between manual and automatic operating modes, as well as between main, alternative, or limiting control loops. Its input-fault detection and fall-back strategies protect your compressors and keep all critical process equipment online.

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CCS Station Control Advantages

  • State-of-the-art surge prevention techniques that utilize patented compressor pressure ratio control methods even when flow is unavailable
  • Specifically designed for units that differ in sizes and rapidly changing process conditions
  • Patented efficiency comparator for the analysis of unit and/or plant operation

Station Control Load Balancing

Load Balancing

When a unit is close to the surge line, while others operate in normal condition, the station controller directs control to the surge prevention controller algorithm to unload the others and forces more load to the unit close to the surge. 

Next, the load balancing smoothly equalizes the machines’ speeds while maintaining the main process parameter.

Optimizing Algorithm

When your units operate in normal condition (e.g. far away from the surge line), the optimization algorithm takes over the control action and determines load sharing between working units based on a predefined optimization target specified by the customer (e.g. compressor efficiency, fuel gas reduction, or speed).
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